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Having a baby can be an exciting and also challenging time for parents, whether you are a first-time parent or parent of a second baby, you want to give your baby the best start in life. But where do you begin?

We provide you with the techniques you need to develop a strong bond with your baby, while gaining the confidence to understand your baby’s unique communication cues through infant massage. Whether you’re a first time parent or parents of a second baby – we’re here to support you in your role as parents!

Benefits of our infant massage program ...

Form a deep and lifelong relationship with your baby.

A daily massage connects parent and baby in a way that no other type of interaction can match. As you and your baby spend one to one quality time together through massage, you communicate to your baby that they are loved, valued and safe. 

This is the foundation for a secure, positive and supportive relationship between you and your baby.

A better nights sleep for you and your entire family.

Sleep is important for everyone, especially for your baby who is developing and growing both mentally and physically. Integrating massage as part of the baby’s bed routine can help them to feel relaxed and aid them to fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and stay asleep longer.

Having a sound asleep baby puts your mind at ease and you too can get a restful night sleep.

Support your baby’s physical and emotional needs.

Massaging your baby helps to tone and strengthens their muscles, stimulates all the systems within the body and relaxes the entire body.

Massage also allows you to better understand and manage your baby’s emotions by offering them physical comfort, nurturing touch, soothing gestures and a calming tone of voice.

Build your confidence in bonding and caring for your baby.

Massaging your baby whilst gazing into their eyes and connecting together allows you to get to know and understand one another and strengthen your bond.

This nurturing behaviour helps you become more in tuned to your baby’s unique verbal and non-verbal communication cues. This helps your baby to build trust and enable them to communicate their feelings to you and help you get to know them better.

Support your baby’s social and early brain development.

We each have the right to feel loved, valued and safe in our relationship. Every time you engage in nurturing touch with your baby, additional neural connections in your baby’s brain are created and strengthened.

This loving response reassures babies that they are loved, respected and secure. These neural connections are the foundation for all future developments.

Relieve your baby’s tummy pains from gas, colic and constipation.

No parent likes to see his or her baby in pain and discomfort. Parents with babies who have colic or gas often feel powerless and frustrated. 

Learning infant massage can help parents better understand how their baby’s gastrointestinal system works and build their confidence in their parenting abilities in comforting and relieving their baby from gas, constipation or colic symptoms.

... And we can’t forget the opportunity you’ll have to bond with friends or meet and link with other like-minded parents and their babies!

Joining an infant massage program is a great way to meet and link up with other parents and their babies. It is an opportunity to learn and share from other parents who are also experiencing and going through similar changes and adjustments to parenthood.

Better yet - you just might even form lifelong friendships ...

Learn all these skills (and more) with our 5 week infant massage program!

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image of mother looking at baby with love.

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'The Fundamental Facts of Infant Massage' Now!

image of mother looking at baby with love.

Get Your FREE Copy of
'The Fundamental Facts of Infant Massage' Now!